We take over 100% of the service


Individual assortment planning & filling

As an employer, do you currently have to invest a lot of time in planning and organising catering for your employees? We take this burden off your shoulders. Foodji takes over the responsibility as part of our full-service package, regardless of whether our Foodjis are in an office, on a production floor or in a hospital corridor

Routine maintenance & cleaning

We take the load off your shoulders. Foodji takes over the full service! It doesn’t matter whether the Foodji vending machine is in the office, on the production floor or in the hospital corridor. The Foodji only needs 1m² of space and access to a power socket. We do the rest:
“We are thrilled to partner with Foodji. They provide us with a full-service solution, complete with seamless planning and fulfilment. Thanks to Foodji, we can enjoy great food without any effort.”


Founder Eating Atkins

Hygienic & closed system
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Effort at your company
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Your way to Eating Atkins in just 5 steps


Non-binding initial consultation

How can Foodji help you?


Individual demo + offer

Learn more and experience Foodji firsthand, in a live demo.


Tasting package

We send a sample box of products directly to your door.


Onboarding & 3-month trial period

Test a Foodji at your workplace for 3 month.


Feedback and contract

We look forward to a long-term partnership!

Let's talk about fresh food in the workplace.

Josephine Wichmann

Head of Sales

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