Finally healthy, fresh food at your office

Craving for fresh food in the office? Then it’s time to get to know the Foodji fresh food vending machine!

+300 meals, snacks & drinks

Vegan, vegetarian, Asian, Italian or home cooking - there is something for everyone!

6 hours reservation by app

With our Foodji App you can always see what's available at Foodji today & reserve your favorite meal up to 6 hours in advance.

30 min more recovery time

The Foodji is located directly on site. This saves you long trips to the canteen, bakery or supermarket. You also have more time to enjoy your break - with fresh food!


What differentiates the Foodji from other solutions?

The Foodji fresh food vending machine is unique!

Fresh & healthy food

Foodji fresh food vending machine is delivered fresh 2-3 times a week. From dean&david salads to delicious pasta and falafel wrap - all dishes were cooked fresh and can be enjoyed directly!

Your individual, sustainable assortment thanks to KI.

Our AI knows every location and the demand on site. With this information, we automatically adjust your assortment and ensure that there is something for every taste. In addition, we reduce food waste through intelligent quantity planning and thus also contribute to the issue of sustainability.

Space-saving solution & highest security

The Foodji requires 1m², a regular power outlet and WLAN or LTE access. Nothing more! You get a closed system that ensures absolute freshness and maximum hygiene with continuous cooling - even in the operating room area of German hospitals.

Subsidy & employee benefit

As an employer, you can subsidize food and beverages - just like any canteen. This creates real added value and a daily benefit for employees - and the best thing about it: by paying the employee contribution via the app, no intervention in payroll accounting is required.

1. purchase on the touchscreen of the vending machine or via the Foodji app.
Your employees can buy their desired product directly on the touch screen of the Foodji vending machine and via the associated Foodji app. If you're not hungry yet, you can reserve your favorite dish for 6 hours.
2. pick up favorite dish at foodji
The assortment at Foodji consists of full meals as well as wraps, bagels & sandwiches - freshly cooked from high-quality food. The product range is also complemented by other snacks and drinks. There is something for every taste.
3. and now: enjoy!
Now the team can enjoy the food as well as the well-deserved break to the fullest!

Satisfied employees:inside & higher productivity

of employees perceive their workplace to be more attractive due to catering.
0 %
more recovery time Foodji users have compared to colleagues who pre-cook, or get food during their lunch break.
+ 0 min
find workplace catering to be a more valuable benefit compared to alternative offerings.
0 %
Flexibility. Each employee can flexibly determine when the break should take place.
0 %

We want to strengthen our customers day after day

Healthy, uncomplicated and innovative catering is a core part of Enpal’s values.

Frequently asked questions about our Foodji

The vending machine is freshly filled by Foodji several times a week with an individually compiled product range. This means that companies receive an all-round carefree package with our food vending machine. In addition to filling, our full service also includes planning, cleaning, maintenance and support. Furthermore, Foodji ensures the strict refrigeration of all dishes.
Your Foodji vending machine costs you a monthly service fee. You can think of this as a small rent (lease). The amount depends on a number of factors, including the duration of your lease. Basically, such a vending machine costs much less than a canteen and is thus an inexpensive option for employee catering, which is used by many modern offices and production companies.
You can set up the Foodji in any company – whether in a small location with 50 employees, your company headquarters, in the office or even in the production hall. Ideal locations are the break room, a lounge or directly at the workplace. The Foodji is also suitable as a canteen supplement. For the installation of the Foodji vending machine you only need a 1m² space, a regular power outlet and a WLAN or LTE access. Nothing more!

Let's talk about fresh food in the workplace.

Josephine Wichmann

Head of Sales