Breakfast ideas on Atkins

Broccoli and Tomato Omelette

Broccoli and Tomato Omelette

Breakfast can be the biggest change you need to make to your eating habits once you start the Atkins way of eating. We’re so used to just having cereal and toast before rushing out of the house in the morning, if we eat anything at all. As a result the idea of having a hot breakfast or something more substantial takes a little getting used to (unless its a full Irish breakfast at the weekend!). However, once you make having a truly healthy (i.e. low-carb) breakfast a habit, it really becomes much easier and will transform your health as well as getting you to your goal weight and keeping you there. Continue reading

Make Your Kitchen a Fast Food Outlet

How to make fast food, go!

Yes, you’ve read the heading correctly, this is a post about fast food and how you can make it in your own kitchen. When we speak about fast food, we are not speaking about food that comes from a fast food chain of restaurants. What we are talking about here, is food that you can prepare, quickly and easily in your own home.

When you begin following the Atkins® way of eating, you will find that there is a huge variety of foods that can be eaten on the diet and more over, an almost endless choice of recipes that your own personal menu can be made up from. And because it is your menu, you can make it as interesting, elaborate or as simple as you choose.

“Where is this fast food you promised, I’ve been waiting an age now and still now sign of it!” Don’t worry, it is on its way to you post haste, just sit back and enjoy the post. Continue reading

Want to be a Smoothie Operator

You wake up to the alarm going off, you look at the clock and sigh. You have to be dressed, fed and out of the house in 30 minutes. Well, you can’t exactly leave the house in your pajamas, so getting dressed is a priority. You can’t arrive late into work either, so something has got to give? Most of us will sacrifice eating a proper breakfast because it can take too much time to prepare, cook and eat. So what we are all guilty of is eating on the go, grabbing something quick and easy like a breakfast bar or a quick bowl of cereal. Lots of carbohydrates and sugars leaving you with a blood sugar high opening the door for a blood sugar crash in, oh let’s say three hours time. Continue reading