Success stories from followers of the Atkins nutritional approach

Most people when they begin following the Atkins Nutritional approach don’t really know what to expect. Some may think that they will lose a few pounds, some may think that they will have more energy. But everyone who has followed the Atkins Nutritional approach have experienced so much more.

Below are some success stories from people who follow the Atkins Nutritional approach and these are their stories, enjoy!


Richard started the Atkins diet in October 2015 and the after picture below is from April 2016. His starting weight was 21 stone 4lbs (135kg) and by April was down to 14 stone 7 lbs (92 kg) so an impressive loss of over 6 stone 11 lbs (43kg)! From Richard:
“I stepped off a cruise ship in Southampton UK October 13th 2015 at 21st 4lbs started the Akins diet and have lost a stone a month approximately. I think you should change the title of the book to EAT FAT LOSE FAT!”
Richard Green before and after

Marianna from Rathfarnham

“Paul, just to say thank you for your advise and inspiration regarding free sugar diet. I have known health benefits and so have been thinking about it for a long time. Hearing your successful and inspiring story was that last nudge that I needed. It has been 4 month since I gave up refined sugar completely and feel very healthy and happy. Thank you.”
Marianna O'Neill

Emma from Cork

“I ordered the Atkins Diabetes Revolution book by Dr. Atkins four short weeks ago and it has changed my life in such a positive way, you wouldn’t believe it. I have type 2 diabetes and I have had it since I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my pregnancy with my son nearly twelve years ago now. I put on over four stone during the pregnancy and I never managed to lose that weight after he was born – fast track to type 2 diabetes. If I had known about the Atkins way of eating back then, it would have made such a difference.

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The misconception of being diabetic just from sweets and cakes needs to change. For me, I didn’t really have a ‘sweet tooth’ but give me a loaf of white bread and I would nearly go through the whole thing! Pure sugar, if only I’d known! I knew the weight I was carrying (and still carry) around my middle was the most serious problem, and unfortunately almost all of my weight sits there, but I just couldn’t stick to a diet. I did all the ‘healthy things’ I was being advised to do like, switching to wholegrain bread, to feel fuller longer, cutting out the biscuits and sugary snacks etc. I never knew back then that all carbohydrates turn to sugar so I was on this ‘spike and crash’ roller coaster with my blood sugar, which made it impossible for me to stick to any diet. The craving for a carb fix was too great after a carb crash. It was awful. I would literally feel nauseous with the hunger and I was irritable, moody and depressed. I now know it was the fluctuating blood sugar that made me feel that way.I weighed myself four weeks ago after reading the book and I weighed in at 14 stone 8 pounds, I weighed myself this morning and I am 13 stone 12 pounds, which is fantastic but it’s the way my tummy is shrinking is so great, the inches are falling off! Better than that for me, are my blood sugar results. Before I started eating the Atkins way I would regularly have a fasting blood sugar reading of 6 – 7 in the mornings, which is not good. This had started for me a while back, the result of a sugar spike while I slept. The past 3 weeks my fasting blood sugar is between 3.8 and 4.8. Amazing! I am not hungry, I no longer have that awful lethargy, I find walking easier and my mood has lifted so much. My blood sugar has evened out without the dramatic fluctuations. I feel so positive about the future and for the first time in my life I know I can do this because it is not hard.

I dreaded giving up bread, pasta and rice but after the first week I don’t even think about it. I am eating healthier food as I am eating more green veg etc and I don’t dread mealtimes. I found the website a couple of days ago and Roseanne is just fantastic, so supportive and informative. My G.P. does know that I am on a low carb diet (which is imperative as I am on medication) and I am closely monitoring my own blood sugar daily. I am really looking forward to my next blood test results and I am hoping to reduce my medication over time.

This is a revelation to me and I am so happy I have started. I have taken a ‘before’ picture and I look forward to posting Roseanne my ‘before and after’ pictures (I have virtually no pictures of myself as I go out of my way not to be photographed!). Thank you so much Roseanne, and I will keep you posted. Emma – Cork” 22-May-2014

Seamus from Rathcoole, Dublin

“Two pounds up despite spending a year that saw me doing a race every month, from assault courses, duathlons, triathlons and marathons and all the training in between.

But not all was lost as one great lesson was learned all be it a very hard one, “you can’t out run a bad diet”.
My Atkins support partner helped tailor my approach to Atkins in a way that dismissed any objection I could rummage together – not wanting to shock my system, reduce training or change my diet over night. I simply phased in an Atkins friendly meal each day then two and so forth so that after three weeks I was ready to start my Atkins diet proper – so no giant leap but rather a small step and I was there, but I had lost 10lbs already! This just served to reinforce my positive thoughts around Atkins. I am not hungry, tired or using a calculator to determine if something is edible, but eating scrumptious food, losing weight and running faster than ever before.

Thanks Roseanne – From Seamus and both his knees.” 26-Feb-2014

Frances from Finglas, Dublin

“Atkins is the first diet I have tried where I’m not tempted to eat things I shouldn’t, because I’m just never hungry. It’s fantastic. And I sleep better than I have in years.” 13-Jun-2013

Dionne from Clonmel County Tipperary

Dionne followed Atkins nutritional approach

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“For the people out there who need to lose weight ,go for it! You have nothing to lose except pounds and inches! Which is a big bonus! I was a classic yo -yo dieter through the years, losing a bit of weight, having 3 children, made me pile the weight on after every baby was born,it really does affect your self esteem and self worth.I gave up “dieting” after being continually told to lose weight by others. It really is something you have to do for yourself WHEN YOU ARE READY. NO-ONE ELSE. This year I made the decision that I was ready. I have had enough of always seeming to be the fat/big lady in the corner at occasions. Sometimes I even avoided those occasions as I would feel self conscious. I decided to do the Atkins diet although I actually wouldn’t even call it a diet – you don’t feel like you are missing out on anything in particular that you wouldn’t normally eat already! I can eat Atkins chocolate bars! even an Indian takeaway and cook with butter , oil and cream! Low carb has really worked for me. It has revved up my metabolism and is THE ONLY DIET THAT COULD. if I can do it after all these years then so can you, but only YOU can make that decision , best of luck! Dionne” 27-May-2013

Paul from Lucan County Dublin

Paul followed Atkins nutritional approach

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“I’ve been following the Atkins Nutritional approach since February 2011. I decided to start doing it after I got out of bed one morning, looked down and could only see my feet if I leaned forward far enough. I thought to myself; “I’m 31, this is ridiculous.”I weighed 14 stone 6 pounds when I stood on the scales that Feb morn. By October of the same year I weighed 11 stone 6 pounds. What a difference the Atkins nutritional approach has made to my life. I no longer get helplessly tired in the middle of the day, I’m more mentally alert and physically I can do way more. Over 8 years on and I have maintained the weight I reached, effortlessly. I now regularly go for 3K to 5K runs in the local park, something I wouldn’t have even contemplated before (or ever for that matter).

Other benefits that I’ve noticed include the following; dandruff gone, migraines stopped, energy levels even all day, hair is less greasy and my mood is generally more upbeat, and I’m more even tempered than before.

I’m never hungry and I am eating a far greater range of foods than I ever have in my entire life. I am so happy that I found the Atkins Nutritional approach, it has changed my life beyond belief.” 24-July-2019

Roseanne from Lucan County Dublin

Roseannes before and after pic following Atkins nutritional approach

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I started the Atkins nutritional approach at the same time as Paul. I had wanted to lose a few pounds for a long time but didn’t have the time to spend hours in the gym, which is what I thought would be necessary. I had read a book about Atkins and read up on it a lot and it really made sense to me so we decided to start it. I found it much easier than I thought it would be – mostly it was down to making sure we did a food shop at the weekend and planned out our weeks meals. Also we made sure we tried out different recipes all the time to keep it interesting and soon found we were eating a much wider range of food that we had before. So 90% of it was about being organised really. Another benefit of it was the food we ate was delicious and we had less waste.In October of that year while dress shopping for my sisters wedding I was delighted to find I had dropped two dress sizes. I’ve lost 2.5 stone in total. I am delighted and have never felt better. I find my energy levels are much better – mid afternoon or mid morning slumps are a thing of the past! I had always thought these were just normal and something you had to just put up with. One of the greatest benefits for me has been discovering how much we really can improve our health naturally and what a huge impact the food we eat has. I later got the opportunity to become an Atkins Support Partner. As an Atkins Support Partner I love to help others achieve their weight loss and health goals and see them succeed with it.

Mags from Dunboyne County Meath

“I enjoyed the meeting at your house 2 weeks back. I am delighted with how I feel since going on the Atkins way. I don’t now how much I have lost as my weighing scales is on the blink and is going in the bin today!

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However I have noticed other differences; I have lost about 3 inches off my waist, I have tons of energy (you would not BELIEVE the amount of de-cluttering I am doing!). But the biggest change of all is this; for the first time in years my obsession with food is gone! Until I started this way of eating I was constantly thinking of when and what I would eat next, rewarding myself with food after a hard day’s work and comforting myself in tough times with food.I am not hungry now and am enjoying my food as just food. I will weigh myself on our local chemist’s weighing scales today to see the actual difference in pounds.
Many thanks, Roseanne.” 23-May-2012“Hi Roseanne-yes I’m really after turning a corner in my life. Due to a completely unreliable weighing scales I am unsure of my exact weight loss but there is definitely over a stone gone!There are 4 inches gone from the waist measurements I took the night I was at the meeting in your home in the middle of May. My tummy/digestive system is so much happier too. My love affair with THE WHITE BREAD ROLL is over!Last Aug I hurt my knee and spent the winter unable to do long or hilly walks, taking Difene and feeling very low about my inactivity. Now the pain is gone and last Sunday my hubby, kids and I walked up to Three Rock Mountain without a pain or an ache or being out of breath. It’s so obvious my knee and body are happier not to be lugging that stone around. I am thrilled. I am also happy that Atkins is such a healthy diet. I am aware that I have to be a good influence on my teenage daughters. I hope to get to one of your meetings again soon.” 24-Jul-2012