Bacon, Egg, Avocado and Tomato Salad

This recipe is based on on one from Marks Daily Apple blog. It is a delicious filling warm salad and so quick to make.


Egg, tomato, avocado and warm bacon salad

  • 1 avocado, cut in chunks
  • 2 hard boiled eggs, cut in chunks
  • 1 small tomato, cut in chunks
  • 2 strips bacon,
  • Salt and pepper, to taste

Carbs: 4.5g approx per serving
Phase: All phases


  1. Cook bacon in a pan in butter. Cut into strips
  2. Gently combine everything but try not to break up the chunks of avocado and egg too much.
  3. Eat at once.

Note: To hard boil eggs, bring a small saucepan of water to the boil. Add the eggs and simmer for 10 minutes if you want them well done. Take out and peel the shell off once they have cooled. There are various other schools of thought on the best way to boil eggs but this is one that works that you could follow if you don’t have a way you prefer already!

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