Overview of the Atkins program

The Atkins Diet – An Outline

In one way, calling “The Atkins diet” a ‘diet’ is misleading or off-putting. It makes people think of starvation or deprivation and eating the Atkins way is anything but. Followers of Atkins will all tell you it is more about a way-of-eating for life or a lifestyle. And you will certainly not be hungry!

The part that most people think will be really difficult is giving up refined products like bread, cake, biscuits etc but in reality once you do stop eating them you no longer get cravings for food like that. With the Atkins Nutritional Approach you basically replace refined processed foods with lots of vegetables, salads, meat, fish and poultry – the food really is delicious.

Check out the page on How and Why the Atkins Diet Works – it explains exactly this is a nutritional approach that will work for anyone.

And take a look at the Food List to see the varied list of foods you enjoy from day one including seafood, meat, poultry and over 50 different types of vegetables.

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Phase 1 – Induction:

The purpose of the Induction Phase is to switch your body from burning primarily carbohydrates (foods that convert to glucose or sugar in your body) to burning fat (including your body fat) for energy. This kick-starts weight loss. Some people can lose up to a stone in just two weeks although obviously the length of time it takes to lose weight will vary from person to person depending on metabolism, level of activity etc. However you will definitely lose weight and keep it off if you follow the program closely. And that is where your Atkins Support Partner can help you.

The other important purpose of Induction is that you begin to learn about carbohydrates and the difference between high carb foods (like bread, pasta, sweets, baked goods and starchy vegetables like potatoes) and low carb foods (like meat, fish poultry, cheese and a large selection of salads and vegetables). When you start Induction you begin forming eating habits that will make sure you lose the weight and that it stays lost for good! Click here for the details on the Atkins Induction Phase.

Phase 2 – Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL):

This is where most of the weight loss occurs. In the OWL Phase you add back more carbohydrates 5g each week or every few weeks as you explore your tolerance for them. The idea is that by the end of the OWL Phase you know exactly how much carbohydrates you can eat every day and still continue to lose weight. Click here to find out how to do the OWL phase.

Phase 3 – Pre Maintenance

In Phase 3, you will be less than 10lbs from your goal weight and you re-introduce more carbohydrate foods 10g each week or so. The objective of this phase is to identify the number of carbs you can eat every day so that you maintain your new slim figure. Pre-Maintenance

Phase 4 –Lifetime Maintenance

As the name suggests this is where you remain so that you maintain your weight loss permanently and continue to enjoy the health benefits of the Atkins Nutritional Approach. Lifetime Maintenance

Find out how and why the Atkins diet works here

Lifetime Maintenance - maintaining the slim healthy new you!

Lifetime Maintenance – maintaining the slim healthy new you!