Our Story

We lost over 5 stone and gained a fantastic new business through Atkins!

For us the Atkins diet is very much about changing our eating habits for life rather than looking for the quick-fix. Having said that however, we did start to see the benefits very quickly! I found that I have more energy or that my energy levels were more sustained all day – I was no longer really tired in the afternoons and finding it difficult to concentrate. Its amazing how we think these energy slumps are normal and put up with them – its only afterwards you realise that its not normal and not necessary. Also the weight started to fall off very quickly. For Paul especially, the results were fast. We both attended a gym for short sessions for a few months last year which was great. We continued to lose weight after that just by following the diet. I lost over 2 stone (and dropped 2 dress sizes) and Paul lost over 3 stone in total since Jan 2011 and we’ve been maintaining our weight loss no problem. Going clothes shopping for my sisters wedding last October was much more fun than previous shopping trips. Paul had to get a new suit as well! In fact we’ve both had to get a whole new wardrobe – definitely a good problem in my book!

Our journey with Atkins started a few years ago. I had bought a book on the Atkins diet and read about it. Also we had someone in the gym in work that did a presentation on eating low-carb and the benefits of it although his emphasis was more on the exercise side of things. It made sense from the research we had done – there have been so many studies done on the benefits of a low-carb diet like Atkins at this stage.

However it was 2011 before Paul and I decided it was time we did something about losing weight. Paul had started by cutting down on sugary foods and we tried to limit the amount of take-aways. Then we decided to do the Atkins diet properly. I had always thought that losing weight would be really difficult – that is certainly the impression that you get from beauty magazines and just from hearing people talk about it. It seemed as though climbing Mount Everest would be easier! I imagined it would take huge changes and involve hours and hours in the gym – something I just didn’t have the time for with a full-time job and a part-time business. However we just felt we had to bite the bullet and do it and stop putting it off.

Atkins Support Partners

Our Success Story

The main thing we found that helped was just being more organised about doing a food shop at the weekend and planning in advance what we would eat. This was also much better from a time saving and budget point of view as well. Then we just basically followed the eating plan in the Atkins book and tried out the recipes on the website as well. We found that we were eating a much wider range of vegetables that we had before and our meals were much more varied and interesting as well. It was like eating-out but in our own house all the time! Giving up refined carbohydrates like pasta, bread etc was not as difficult as we thought either. The funny thing about this is that once you stop eating those foods you no longer have cravings for them. So despite the free scones/pastries available at my work place it doesn’t take any will-power on my part to avoid them now! So while it did take extra effort and organisation at the start especially till we got used to it but was definitely worth it. Before long this way of eating and our new habits were second nature.

Then the opportunity came along to get involved with Atkins as a business towards the end of last year. We were partners with TVSF who offer business opportunities in a number of different areas from telephone systems to social media. Then they announced that they had made a Smart Partnership with Atkins UK and that if we wished we could become Atkins Support Partners! This was a no-brainer as we were complete converts to this way of eating at that point and had lost 5 stone between us. Atkins have a range of delicious bars and shakes that you get to have as snacks as part of the diet and thanks to this partnership we could supply customers with the full range of products. The bars are great especially for people that are busy or out-and-about a lot. I used to find the most difficult time was mid afternoon. I would feel hungry then but it could often be late that evening by the time I had dinner. With the result that I would make very poor food choices! However having one of the bars – like the Dark Chocolate Crunch – in the afternoon was great as it filled me up and was delicious. So as Atkins Support Partners we help and support our customers with the diet. We order their products each week and either they pick them up from our house or we deliver them to their house or workplace.

Paul and RoseanneIt is such a rewarding business as you hear and see the success stories unfold before our eyes. None of our customers so far have failed to lose weight. And changing your body shape like this makes such a difference to people’s lives. I love getting texts from customers saying things like “Yippee – I’m down 5lbs this week!!” or hearing that they have lost 3 inches around their waist or hearing that their attitude to food has totally changed and now they enjoy food as just food instead of constantly obsessing about it. For some people it does go against the grain at the start – they have been so used to low-fat diets that it seems strange that you can have cream in your coffee or butter on your veg. One of our customers was following the low-fat diet and it wasn’t working for her and as they say the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results so she was willing to try it and has successfully lost weight doing it!

Since getting involved in the business we have been researching it even more and I think it’s incredible that people with conditions like diabetes or people with a high risk of heart disease are often unaware of how much a nutritional program like Atkins (followed under their doctors supervision) can help. The emphasis always seems to be on controlling these conditions with medication instead of looking at nutrition, despite studies showing for instance that diabetics can reverse the condition.

We also really enjoy helping partners that we introduce to the business to achieve results by building their own customer bases and build a profitable business they can run from home. We look forward to introducing partners nationwide so they can help people they know get off the diet roller-coaster once and for all and lose and maintain their weight for good!

Roseanne & Paul Dolan