The Naked Cupboard

An empty cupboard is not a great way to start out on your journey in following the Atkins Nutritional Way, it is however, a brilliant way to fall foul of what we like to call, the ‘Take-Away Terror’.  More often than not, when you arrive home after a hard day at the office or just a hard day in general the last thing you will want to do is have to go shopping for food. Nope, the easy option (and let’s face it, we all choose the easy option when we can) is to dial that number on that menu that came in through the door last night. 

So, here are 10 items of food that should always be stocked in your cupboard, just in case of such an emergency.  In no particular order here we go.

  1. Tinned fish such as: mackerel, tuna, sardines or salmon.  These can be in olive oil, brine, water, sunflower oil or even tomato sauce (but always check the carbohydrate content on the tomato sauce ones)
  2. Rye crackers.  The Atkins rye crackers are a very versatile snack.  They can be enjoyed on every phase of the Atkins diet and can be accompanied by many toppings or just on their own. Excellent with smoked salmon or all kinds of cheese
  3. Cheese such as: Cheddar, goats cheese, Swiss cheese, Feta, Blue cheese, Gouda, Cream cheese.  Remember that 30g of cheese (a bit larger than a 1 inch cube) is equivalent to 1g (gram) of carbohydrates
  4. Celery and Peanut butter.  Yep, a strange combination but it really is quite tasty.  Just wash a stick of celery, trim the ends by a 1cm and dip it into some peanut butter. Not too much mind, as peanut butter is introduced in phase 2 of the plan
  5. Any of the Atkins Daybreak or Advantage bars are a great snack to have at anytime and will really fill you up and keep you happy until your next meal.  Try and have a secret stash just in case you run out or someone else in the house has helped themselves to your last bar
  6. Nuts. Nuts are acceptable phase 2 of the Atkins diet and upwards and even then it is recommended to eat just a small handful.  They are quite high in protein and fats, so they will fill a hole, even a small quantity.  Acceptable nuts include: Almond, Brazil, Hazelnut, Macadamia, Peanut, Walnut and Pistachio. See the food list for the full list.
  7. Cooked meats, such as turkey, ham and roast beef.  Keep a packet of cooked meats in the fridge for use as a snack. Ideas for a snack using cooked meat could include the following: ham with mustard or mayonnaise spread on it and rolled up into a tube.  This can be done with turkey, chicken or beef slices too.
  8. Bovril – Bovril is, (for our non Irish and British readers) a beverage made from a beef extract.  Just a spoonful of Bovril to a cup of boiling water and there you have a hearty drink/snack. One of the recommendations with the Atkins diet is to have two cups of bouillon dissolved in water or broth each day from day one of the Atkins diet. Bovril is the Irish equivalent. As with any diet, some of the weight you loose at the beginning is water but we can also lose salt at the same time. This can cause fatigue, weakness, headaches. Two cups of a drink like Bovril will help you avoid this by replenishing sodium levels in the body. See page 115 of the New Atkins New You book or the section on avoiding fatigue on the Atkins site for more details.
  9. Smoked salmon and cream cheese is good to have in the fridge.  Combining the two together makes a lovely and quick snack to have anytime
  10. Berries.  Berries can be frozen and taken out when required for use in smoothies or just in a bowl with some fresh cream. Berries are introduced in phase 2 and beyond

So there you have it.  A brief outline of some food stuffs that you should always have to hand.  It’s difficult enough without having temptations and if you remove temptation from the equation then it makes it that little bit easier.  As time goes by you’ll begin to form a habit of having these food stuffs readily available to you.

Aside from food stuffs there is a list of oils, vinegar’s, herbs and spices that every cupboard should be well stocked with and we’ll cover these in another blog very soon.

In the meantime, enjoy experimenting with the list above and discovering new and interesting variations that can be made into quick and tasty snacks.

What foods would you suggest to have in your cupboard at all times, just in case you feel peckish? Just share your suggestions by commenting on this post below. Thanks! 🙂

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  1. First of all FRUITS AND VEGGIES are carbohydrates. All carbohydrates means is a substance made up of more than one glucose. There are different types of carbohydrates. You have your refined carbohydrates, (donuts, candy and such) which are bad. Simple carbohydrates made of a small number of glucose chains linked together (Fruits). Starchy carbohydrates (potatoes and such), and you have your complex carbohydrates(green leafy vegetables). Refined carbohydrates have been manufactured and are bad because they spike up your insuling and raise your sugar aka glucose level quickly, which encourages the storage of fat. All carbohydrates are eventually broken down into glucose, the body’s fuel source. The difference is how quickly and the effect on insulin.

  2. Atkins can work, but the trick is not to exclude carbs, but to eat them whitin reason, in lower amounts than what you’d need to maintain a weight. Extreme low carb diets, like the Atkins, are nutritionally deficient and can make you ill. Carbs are needed for the body to function properly, without fatigue You burn fat more efficiently in exercise when you’ve consumed some carbs. But back to the question, carb free breakfasts:- Mackeral and tomatoes.- Natural yogurt and almonds- Cottage cheese and cucumber slices.- Mixed nuts.- Peanut butter and celery sticks.

    • I completely agree with you about not excluding carbs. It’s a common misconception that Atkins excludes carbs. Even in phase 1, you eat 20g of carbs a day which is a lot more vegetables than most people normally eat! There are some carbs in foods like tomatoes, natural yogurt, nuts and vegetables. But as you’ll see these foods are permitted in Atkins:

      The following site has some very interesting information on the benefits of a low carb diet for athletes:

      Many thanks for the breakfast ideas!

      • The trick of losing wehgit is to fool your metabolism into thinking it is getting fed normally.If you try to lose wehgit by starving yourself,then your metabolism kicks in to low gear and hangs on to every scrap you feed yourself,making wehgit-loss impossible.Plus,after you have managed to starve yourself and not die,the minute you start eating again,your body sucks up every calorie it gets,and you pack the weight back on.If you want to lose weight,which is a very difficult thing to do,you have to eat proper food:grains;veggies;low-fat meat./fish;drink plenty of water;and do some exercise.It sounds very simple,but it is very hard to do when you are de-toxing your body from fats and sugars.Ask your doctor for an appropriate food plan for you.Don’t use or think of the word diet. It only serves to defeat you because it implies deprivation.And as humans,we do not like to be deprived of anything.I might also suggest that you join a wehgit-loss group,like Overeaters Anonymous,or better still,a group like Weight is easier to lose wehgit if you are partnered with people who have the same goal as you.Good luck to you,and eat healthy!!PS:If you are a young person and need to lose wehgit:Start now because with every year,it becomes more and more difficult to lose wehgit and keep it off.Take the word of an old geezer.I know whereof I speak,sadly.

    • I don’t know. Mine were good. But don’t really have anything to compare them to. If you still have the box, get the number off of it and call customer service about it. I’m sure they will replace them for you. If you don’t still have the box just go to their website and to Contact Us and report it. Let me know what they say!MariaFitzpatrick recently posted..

    • I researched many diets befroe I decided on the Atkins’ Diet. It’s the only diet my doctor would approve of for me, other than Weight Watchers, but I opted to follow the Atkins’ Diet. I count carbs on this diet.Don’t worry about not being able to eat fruits, because fruits contain carbs, I ate an apple on occassion but not very often. Eating certain cooked veggies on this diet are betetr than nothing, so if you can’t steam them, no problem. I was never hungry lost 130 lbs. in just under a year. I learned to be a water drinker, exerciser, label reader. I lost half of my body weight never want to find it again. If your doctor approves of this diet, buy the paperback book Atkins’ Diet Revolution. The book is awesome so educational. It’s a great diet for diabetics also. You can eat lots of protein, which will keep you feeling full, for a longer period of time. Read the book you may see that there are many foods that don’t bother you. Drink the water daily without fail. Choose an exercise program that you’re comfy with. I hate going to gyms, so I walk three to four miles six days a week. Good luck!

      • Hi Serena,

        That was fantastic that you were able to lose and maintain such fantastic weight loss. You’ve obviously changed your entire eating habits and it sounds like you have also incorporated some very positive new lifestyle habits such as exercise and the drinking of water.

        There is a newer book available now, it is called “New Atkins, New You” and it is such a good resource. Keep it up Serena.

        • Hey,Great article! Diet plan are sietmome I do on and off. The moment I notice I lost a few pounds, my mind relaxes a bit and I start to be lethargic with my diet again. I wonder is it only me or people like me are also out there. Also, what is your list of junk food / Just to know if it is in my list also? Jane recently posted..

      • Diet plans will work because a new deeitr needs the regimen and someone laying out exactly what they need to do. But then once people get off the plan I find they are so lost. They really didn’t learn much while doing the diet so as we’ve all seen, they put the weight back on and more

    • I believe the plan strtas with 20 carbs per day. My husband was on this diet off and on for several years. It is a hard diet to stick to because of the strong cravings for carbs that you get. We ate a lot of breakfasts, eggs, bacon, sausage or ham. We ate hamburgers without buns, pork chops, and green salads without crackers or croutons. The only vegetables he could have was green beans or other green vegetables. But since he didn’t care for any others, it was either green beans or nothing. He bought low carb candy bars to satisfy his cravings for sweets. We grilled steaks in the summer time and ate roast beef or pork in the winter time.He lost weight on the diet. He went from 250 lb. to about 210 lb. If you go off the diet, you immediately start to gain again unless you go to a low fat, low calorie diet and stick with it. When we ate in restaurants, we would usually go to a buffet with many varieties of meats. He’d fill up on meats and salad. I could eat what I wanted. Since I’m diabetic, the diet worked ok for me up to a point. Constipation can be a problem for some people. A stool softener can help with that.

      • Hi Vebycute, it does start with 20g of carbs a day but this is only in Induction. After the Induction phase (which lasts 2 weeks) you start adding 5g of carbs each week or few weeks. It is so important to have at least 15g of carbs from vegetables even in Induction. There are over 50 different vegetables to choose from (even in Phase One). Check out our food list here for ideas:

        We found it was really important with the Atkins diet to take the time to try out new recipes and different types of vegetables. That way you will find meals you love and ones that are easy/quick to make if necessary. I am certain that if he tried different types of veg cooked in different ways your husband would find lots that he likes. There are some pics of meals we’ve cooked here: Some of our favourites are Duck with Roast veg – peppers, onion, courgette, mushrooms, aubergine.. or the Brocolli puree with Garlic Brown Butter.

        And if you are getting the minimum 15g of carbs from vegetables required there should be no issues with constipation at all. Also the Atkins diet is excellent for anyone with diabetes (read the following blog post – Muffins in a Minute (MIMs) are delicious and an excellent source of fibre too.

        It might be a good idea to read the ‘New Atkins for a New You’ book as it has some updates to the program. The Atkins diet absolutely works but it is important to follow it correctly, make sure you are eating enough vegetables and take the time to find recipes you like.

    • if you work out and build muscle you will burn fat. building muscle helps with your metabolism which will help with burning fat and this theory has been proven time and time again. good luckThe human body is a funny thing. It’s VERY ADAPTABLE for survival. So when you give it less food, the result is a slow metabolism for survival purpose. That’s why it is important to take a break (but stay in control of your food intake) from your diet and focus on eating healthy, balance meals with exercise. This will prevent your metabolism from getting too slow.Hundreds and thousands of years ago, when eating was a matter of survival, the body would protect itself by slowing down the rate it burned calories (lower metabolism) to maintain weight. In modern society, we have the opposite problem of too much food, temptation and consequent weight gain.Our body is designed for survival and less food is a threat to it’s survival. You must control a slow increase or decrease of food to successfully lose weight and keep it off. If you stop eating or skip meals, your metabolism will come to a SCREECHING HALT. If you maintain a control and balance diet, you will lose weight but your body’s metabolism will finally adapt and slow down. That’s why we need to take a break from dieting. If you give up and SUDDENLY start eatingback to your pre diet intake, you may quickly gain weight because of a low metabolism.this is why i recommend smaller more frequent meals.Increase Your Metabolism Through Movement/ exercise/ walking at least 30 minutes helps boost it answer you question truthfully, noone can give you an accurate # because all bodies are different.BUT if you eat more frequently so your body doesnt go ito survival mode and excercise then you are on the right track and if you can excercise in the morning that increases your metabolism for a while. the more you raise you heartrate the more of a boost your metabolism gets

      • Don’t eat any food with no nutrients: that claerinty is the easiest take-away line for eating healthy. And the opposite is also true: try to eat foods that are particularly nutrient dense. Which happens to be whole fruits and vegetables for the most part. Losing weight is claerinty a harder proposition than just eating healthy food. On the plus side, most of the nutrient dense foods are not calorie dense foods.Mary recently posted..

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